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herston_college's Journal

Herston College; An OC Greek Row Role Play
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For all things GrΣΣk
Welcome to Herston College, a college based original character roleplay game based around the Greek System.
Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, the role-play revolves around six houses in the Greek system, three fraternities, and three sororities. Become involved with the ups and downs of Greek life-style, join in with the drama, join in with the laughs, take part in the lifestyle you're dying to become involved with.

1 Net speak is strictly forbidden. It is hard to read and strains the mind. If you need to speak to some one else through a conversation please mark it as OOC or post it in the OOC community which can be found here; herston_ooc

2 No god modding. No one likes to be told how to write their characters. We all want to enjoy the game but it's not fun when some one tells you how your own character would react. If you feel like you have a good idea for that person you can talk about it with them.

3 We don't like Mary Sue's or Gary Stu's. No one is perfect, so please do not pretend that your character is. If there is a certain character does not get along with yours please don't take it personally, they are just playing how their character would react.

4 Remember this is a fun game and any pregnancy, drug use or deaths is to be discussed with the mod; herston_dean

5 If there are already large amounts of characters involved in one sorority/fraternity, please consider placing your character in another. If there is an influx of a certain gender or aged character, those will be capped until we have an even amount in the community.

6 A three character limit will be placed on new members to the community, however after two months of role-playing within the community, you may apply for more.

7 Journal entries are to be made in first person and must be made at least once every 2 weeks. If life before busy please let me know and I will put your character on hiatus.

8 Participating in group posts will not count as updates, however interaction within them is thoroughly encouraged, and weekly sorority/fraternity group posts will be made.

9 Group posts such as dates, parties, hang outs should be posted in 3rd person and use this text:


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