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Alpha Gamma Sigma - ΑΓΣ
This brother hood are known for their wild parties pretty much every weekend. They cut corners wherever they can, they are the lazy fun loving guys around campus. But yet they always there for their other brothers in need. If one is in a fight it's an all in brawl. They trust each other and always help out a bro in need. Their sister house Delta's are always in sight whenever the word party is used in the house.
Lambda Phi Epsilon - ΛΦΕ
Who doesn't like looking at a hottie athletic guy, it's even better when the boy is one the dance floor. These boys are always the first with their tops off out on the field cause they don't have anything to hide. They play hard on the field and play harder at night time. Their sistering house Omega Phi's are always up for a little fun and friendly sport game with them. Any excuse for these guys to be half naked. They all stick by each other through all the hard times and fun ones.
Phi Kappa Theta - ΦΚΘ
Just like their sister sorority the Pi Beta's they like a little more class in their life. They have a prepy look to go with their way of life just like the Beta's. But that doesn't mean they don't like letting themselves go some times and throwing a great party. With the hotties in this house who could say no really? They learn to love all the brothers that come into their special bond and it stays that way for life.


July 2008

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