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Name: Samantha
Age: 18
Location: Kentucky, USA.
Live Journal: the one I'm using :)
AIM/MSN: aim; thedancehalldrug
Email contact: skdenn02@louisville.edu
Previous experience: I've RP'd for nearly 6 years now. Dork :)

~The Character~
Name: Audrey Cheyenne King
PB: (image & name) Blake Lively
Age: 19
Grade: Freshman
House: Delta Zeta
Major: English and Communications
Activities: Dance
Living arrangement (if freshman; college dorms, off campus living): Dorm.
Living in a house, single or double share room: With a roommate.
Brief Character Bio: Audrey was born into a fairly wealthy family, and a family with a history of Herston graduates. She has an older sister, Bethany, who is 23. Being the youngest in the family, she was often spoiled, but she is by no means a brat. She works for what she wants, but she also likes to be pampered on occasion. She can hold her own in a conversation and doesn't mind to speak her mind when needed. She wants to work in for a magazine company when she graduates, writing articles and doing interviews. She's also been dancing since she could walk, so joining the dance squad at Herston was only natural. Both her mother and sister were Delta Zetas, so the pressure to get into the same sorority was high. However, she fits the Delta Zeta profile to a tee, and was ecstatic to get her bid on bid day. She loves her new sisters and can't wait to get to know them.
First Person Example: I am drowning in an ocean of chemistry homework. Chemistry. Who in the world needs chemistry? I'm an English major! Chemistry has to be an invention of the devil, made to torture me. There's a party tonight at the Alpha Gamma house, and I have this pile of homework to finish. There's no WAY I'm missing this party, though. I mean, gorgeous boys and dancing? Why would I NOT be there? I guess I'll just have to pull another all nighter, if I'm even back in time...
Third Person Example: Audrey smoothed down the skirt of her dress, closing her closet door to get a better look at herself in the full length mirror. It was a purple spaghetti strap dress that cinched at the waist and fell just above her knees, complementing her long legs. Smiling at herself and doing a little twirl, she turned to her roommate and bid her farewell, grabbing her purse and starting out the door. This was going to be a fun night.

If those examples doesn't work for you, I can make them longer! You just didn't specify, so.... :)

Re: :D

Congrats! You have been Accepted Please make a character journal and join the community.
Sorry it has taken so long to get back I have had no internet.
Name: Alexandra
Age: 16
Location: Asia for the time being (T.T)
Live Journal: lebrillant
AIM/MSN: joie.de.vie@hotmail.com
Email contact: same as above
Previous experience: rp in sthrnvampires and gotham_high_rpg

~The Character~
Name: Cydney Joanna Lancell, shortened to Cyd
PB: Alexis Bledel
Age: 19
Grade: A's and B's
House: Beta Omega Phi
Major: Graphic Design
Activities: Tennis, graphic editor for Student Newspaper
Living arrangement (if freshman; college dorms, off campus living): college dorms
Living in a house, single or double share room: double
Brief Character Bio: Originally from Reading, England but has been living in the states for the last 5 yrs. She has many interests, ranging from arts to electronics and everything in between. And because of that, she has no solid 'future job' ideas. Usually a quiet person, but has a bit of a temper. She would love to be a journalist but is always at a loss for words.
First Person Example: "I think that people shouldn't be all judgmental about me. I mean like just cause I like a lot of stuff, doesn't mean I'm not urm....oh jeez, I can't find the word I'm looking for."
Third Person Example: Cyd focused on the ball heading her way. She relaxed her grip on the racket and swung a perfect backhand volley. The tennis ball went over the net and bounced off the ground twice before her opponent could reach it.

(OOC: am i doing this right??)
Congrats! You have been Accepted Please make a characters journal, join the community and friend everyone.
Yeah you were fine.Sorry it has taken so long to answer. I have had no internet.

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