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Nicola "Nikki" Morgan
PB: Ashley Benson
From: Miami
Age: 20
Grade: Sophomore
Activities: Cheerleading
House: Delta Zeta
Bio: Nikki started cheering in junior high and hasn't stopped since, her love of it just keeps on growing and growing. Just being apart of a team is enough for her. She knows how much she sucks at organising her self, so organising for a squad, she knows she would suck at it. Her room is a pretty messy, just like her at times. She loves to party and gets along with pretty much every one, but if you do get under her skin she can be a real bitch about it. Her sisters mean everything to her and she loves them to death. Her parents support her in being in a sorority as long as she keeps her grades up.

Lucas Jones
PB: Adam Brody
From: Any where and every where. Army brat
Age: 21
Grade: Junior
Activities: Soccer, Latin Club
House: Phi Kappa Theta
Bio: Lucas never stayed in one place for too long. He was forced to move around alot growing up because of his father being in the army. He couldn't wait for the day he got to go to college and live in the same place for more then a year. So when he arrived for his freshman year at Herston College he couldn't think of anything better then to join a frate house and become brothers with guys for life. He was an only child and never had time to make any real friends growing up.

Logan Hunter
PB: Oliver James
From: London, England
Age: 21
Grade: Junior
Activities: Equestrian Team
House: Alpha Gamma Sigma
Bio: Logan's parents were killed in a car crash when he was only 3 years old. They lived in a small town Goring. But once his parents were killed he was sent to go and live with his rich grandparents in London. He was brought up in the right way but never liked it. He always felt like he fitted in to that world very well. He spent a lot of time with his horse Eclipse, trying to get away from it all. So when he had the chance to really get away from everything he took it. He moved over to America to attend college. As soon as he found out about rush week he knew that he just had to be in a frate. He knew his grandparents would never approve part of the reason he had to be in one. Another being it was everything he wasn't allowed to do all rolled up in one place. It was for him.


July 2008

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