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Delta Zeta - ΔΖ
These girls a little bit more on the fun side then the rest of the sororities. They have a reputation of being a bit wild and always up for a party. They dress to match their attitude to life and the way they play. But still under all that they are loyal to their sisters and are always there when one of their sisters need them. Their brothering house the Alpha Gamma's love to party with their wild sisters.
Beta Omega Phi - BΩΦ
These girls are more athletic then any one else on campus, apart from their brother bond Frat house Lambda Phi's. They love their sport, no matter what it is. They all also tend to be great at their chosen sport, if not all sports. But that doesn't mean they don't like to let their hair down after the day and party hard. Their bonds of sisterhood being them all really close and they love spending time together.
Kappa Pi Beta - KΠB
This sisterhood is a bit more reserved sorority. They have a prepy look to them and dress more classy then other houses. Although they do love to have a good time and do have alot of hotties in this house. They love planning mixes with their brother house Phi Kappa Theta. The girls here look after each other no matter what the cost is and they are always there to help their sisters out of a stick situation no matter what the out come.


July 2008

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